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Liability Investigations

PRP Identification

With one of the most experienced teams in the country, TIG Environmental employs sophisticated investigative techniques to determine who should be responsible for cleanup costs and other contingent liabilities at contaminated sites. TIG Environmental supports clients by developing historical, factual evidence necessary to identify potentially responsible parties (PRPs) and establish a basis for cost allocation.

During a PRP investigation, TIG Environmental can help by:

Toxic Tort Claims

TIG Environmental has extensive experience investigating toxic tort claims that include asbestos, chemical, and related exposures. TIG Environmental can help by:

Operating Liabilities

TIG Environmental integrates fact finding with expert technical analysis in manufacturing and technical settings to successfully investigate the causes of:
TIG Environmental's private detective pedigree coupled with our multi-disciplined, forensic approach allows us to successfully uncover the most salient facts and unwind history as it relates to these complex issues.

Case Studies

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Contamination Due to Unidentified Sources
PRP Identification via Corporate Successorship
Operating Liability: Product Tampering or Human Error?