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Environmental Forensic Investigations

TIG Environmental integrates focused scientific analysis with factual evidence gathering to determine origin and characteristics of hazardous substances at contaminated sites. We employ investigative techniques and chemometric data analysis methods to "fingerprint" sources, evaluate the extent of chemical contamination, and help determine cost allocation. These forensic chemistry techniques include tools for exploratory data analysis (such as principal component analysis [PCA]), as well as for clustering, regression, and classification (such as diagnostic ratios).

During an environmental forensic investigation, TIG Environmental can help by: TIG Environmental provides thorough data analysis, interpretation, and decisive graphical presentation of results to convey technical data and findings in a clear, understandable and cogent manner. Our ability to conduct sound scientific analysis and present those findings simply and succinctly helps drive successful resolution of these complex issues.

Case Studies

Characterization of PCBs and Sediment Transport
Modeling Result in More Equitable Cost Allocation

PAH Fingerprinting Results in Correct Source Identification
Identification of Relative Contaminant Discharge Leads to Lower Allocation