Problem: As part of the Record of Decision (ROD) at this Superfund site, numerous Early Actions were proposed for implementation prior to the larger, more comprehensive remedy. Groundwater, soil, and sediment issues are resulting in significant liability for PRPs at this complex site. TIG Environmental was hired to assist our client in the design and implementation of a deep excavation to remove high levels of PCB contamination on the riverbanks.

Solution: TIG Environmental assisted our client in strategizing and implementing an interim action, which included the dredging of near-shore sediments. We coordinated with other consultants to design and oversee the work on the near-shore sediment remediation.

Value Provided: TIG Environmental played a critical role in negotiating with the agencies, and designing the sheetpile cofferdam to enclose the operations. The project was complicated by steep slopes and adjacent shoreline structures, as well as the potential integration with upland soil removal operations and the overall ROD remedy.