Problem: TIG Environmental personnel were asked to lead the design/construction oversight of a sediment removal project within a larger Superfund site. Our client assumed responsibility for the work, and hired us to manage all aspects of this high-profile project.

Solution: As part of this 40,000 cubic yard removal action, a robust sheet pile enclosure was designed and installed to both mitigate the transport of suspended sediment and maintain the stability of existing shoreline structures. The dredged material was pumped to an upland processing facility (UPF) where the sediment slurry was mechanically dewatered using customized membrane filter presses, and the resulting dewatered sediment was transported by rail to a Subtitle C landfill or incinerator.

Value Provided: In addition to leading and conducting the projectís design,
TIG Environmental personnel also provided the following services:
  • Negotiated the Order on Consent with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Helped procure multiple subcontractors
  • Maximized the filter press operation to significantly reduce overall disposal costs
  • Assisted with community outreach to engage local community members and explain the design process
  • Interfaced with EPA to resolve significant field-related issues