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Computer Forensics / Digital Forensic Investigation

Investigators, HR professionals and counsel involved with conducting investigations increasingly encounter the need to evaluate electronic data: e-mail and other forms of electronic communication, computer usage, or the accessing of documents and proprietary data by an individual. We routinely support these needs with an array of cutting-edge tools, providing you an effective means to efficiently focus on the key facts.

As a national leader in digital forensic examinations for the private sector, we utilize technologies and methods recognized by civil and criminal courts. We forensically preserve all evidence, and conduct evaluations with a variety of forensic tools and techniques to effectively and efficiently support your objectives. We have made the difference for our clients in numerous internal and external matters.

Case Studies

Theft of intellectual property, equipment and financial schemes
Violations of restrictive covenants and related post-employment issues
Sexual harassment and supervisor-employee relations

Further Applied Case Examples:

Unwinding the Truth
Identity Theft From Customer Records
From Expense Account Fraud to Serial Felons
The ‘Side Business’
Disarming the New Competitor
Unfair Competition: Violations of Restrictive Covenants
Cheating to Win
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