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Electronic Discovery and Litigation Support

When litigation is anticipated, organizations must react accordingly for both compliance and strategic purposes. Working in concert with your legal counsel, we assist in the preservation of appropriate data and devise a focused, cost-effective solution for reducing the volumes of information to be evaluated. Our cutting edge tools and forensic mindset can provide you with a turn-key solution for successfully managing the unexpected, and let you maintain control. The Intelligence Group’s services include: The Intelligence Group’s Collaborative Hosted Document Repository provides an on-demand solution that meets the challenges of litigation support, data governance, risk management, compliance and virtually any problem that requires multiple users to access, collaborate, discover, and unlock knowledge within stores of emails, documents, .TIFF or .PDF files, standard load files, and other sources of electronically stored information (ESI). The system is designed and priced accordingly to service the single lawyer to large multi-national law firms.

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