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Pre-employment Screening

Pre-employment screening and background checks are requisite to hiring the right employees and preventing future problems. Do you know if your pre-employment screening program is adequate for your organization’s particular risks? Employees in sensitive areas such as finance/treasury, purchasing, IT and data management are prime candidates for enhanced background screening. Prospective Executives and Board Members can likewise pose their own unique liabilities to an organization. Often, clients are unaware as to what background screening tools have been applied, and whether or not they are indeed appropriate.

The Intelligence Group’s Pre-employment Screening products are customizable, and geared to the appropriate discipline and hiring level. We also treat each screening uniquely, thus we query records to determine jurisdictions of interest, the existence of aliases, and related personal identifier information upfront, rather than blindly running a name through a variety of databases. Our Analysts evaluate and synthesize these findings in context to the resume and prospective position to provide you with relevant and appropriate intelligence, rather than a simple automated records dump. We report the facts, explain any caveats and data gaps, and provide you recommendations, if warranted.

Click here to learn more about our customizable, tiered products, and review our case studies to learn how our investigative approach can help you prevent future problems. Contact us in confidence, and we will design a cost-effective, efficient and thorough solution that is appropriate for your needs.

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