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Employment and Internal Investigation

One of the more significant challenges facing business leaders today is management of their labor force: employees, contractors and other service providers. Organizations have a duty to investigate when employees raise issues of potential harm, discrimination or improper conduct and behavior; yet, they have also have an obligation to protect the organization from harm potentially caused by employees and other organization ‘insiders’. These risks can run the gamut: The Intelligence Group provides organizations, HR professionals and their counsel with the skills and support to mitigate these risks. We provide an array of services designed to address risks throughout the employee lifecycle: before, during and after employment.

Organizations can – and should – be careful in their selection of outside resources to conduct or support internal investigation needs. The Intelligence Group is experienced and well-versed in the conduct of investigations within an organization – where discretion, confidentiality and a ‘soft hand’ are necessary for successfully eliciting the facts. We partner with your internal and external legal team to provide a cost effective, focused and efficient alternative to the traditional approach. See how our experience and interdisciplinary approach can make the difference for your organization.

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