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Intellectual Property and Identity Theft

In today’s business environment, an organization’s intellectual assets are of prime importance. Business plans, R & D, and core products or services form an intellectual asset base that that is highly valued. Customer information stored for business use only increases the risks associated with controlling these high-value assets. While an organization's ‘insiders’ – employees, contractors and service providers – require access to these assets to do their job, they are also statistically the largest source of loss and theft.

Security challenges arise from the relative portability of this intellectual property. Whether in digital format or the heads of employees, such sensitive information is difficult to control, necessitating safeguards be put in place, and appropriate response capability made ready. The Intelligence Group has significant experience investigating and responding to the loss and theft of an organization’s intellectual property. Using our approach of integrated investigative techniques, we conduct investigation, document how a loss occurred, and identify the individuals responsible.

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