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Fraud and Financial Crimes

Fraud and Financial Crime continues to plague businesses and organizations today, and continues to grow at an alarming rate. While the proliferation of the internet has provided a cloak of anonymity to fraudsters and others, it has likewise provided an entire new set of tools and opportunities for the commission of fraud and crime by “outsiders” and ‘insiders” alike. Weaknesses in access controls provide new avenues, and the sheer content of information available on the web literally provides fraudsters with mountains of content for their use, creating endless opportunities for financial gain.

Whether digital or traditional in nature, the key to unwinding fraud and financial crime remains the same: diligent, focused, and detailed investigation. While the tools may be different, many of the techniques remain the same: reconstruct the opportunity (access), the need (motive) and rationalization in order to follow the ‘footprints’, be they digital, on paper, or in spoken word. The Intelligence Group approaches such matters with the integrated set of skills requisite to unwinding the complexities of fraud and financial crimes in today’s business world.

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