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Product Tampering, Diversion and Anti-Piracy

Among the unique challenges facing businesses today is ensuring the delivery of their genuine products to the marketplace. Reliance on outside vendors and contractors, large-scale outsourcing of manufacturing and process steps to third parties or offshore partners, and the emergence of digital goods have all increased the risks involved with the delivery of these products. And, risks appear throughout the supply chain - from the provision of raw materials, through the production of finished goods, to their distribution to the point of purchase. Unauthorized copying and production of software, for example, is estimated to cost businesses more than $50 billion US annually.

The Intelligence Group is well versed in helping clients secure against such risks, and investigate incidents when they do occur. Our unique blend of investigative specialists, scientists, engineers, and digital forensic experts form an integrated team experienced in:

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Piracy at the Box Office
Product Tampering or Human Error?
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